MIDE – Jikan Babi Production Forges Partnership to Address Social Disparities

MIDE – JIKAN BABI PRODUCTION Forges Partnership to Address Social Disparities

The Ministry of Innovation and Digital Economy (MIDE) in Sokoto State has partnered with media consultancy firm Jikan Babi Production to address social disparities through innovative media strategies. Led by Managing Director Rashida Abubakar AK, the team aims to collaborate closely with the ministry to leverage digital media and disseminate vital information through engaging content targeted at diverse audiences, particularly in rural areas.

Innovative media strategies play a crucial role in advocating for policies and reforms aimed at addressing socio-economic challenges such as poverty alleviation, job creation, education, and healthcare. These strategies also serve to disseminate information about government programs and initiatives geared towards tackling these challenges, thereby enhancing public awareness and understanding of the government’s efforts.

During the meeting, Honorable Commissioner, Bashar Umar Kwabo reiterated MIDE’s commitment to inclusive development, urging the guests not to prioritize profits but to make sacrifices for citizens’ welfare.

In his remarks, the Permanent Secretary, Dr Nasir Daniya encouraged the firm’s management to devise a plan for implementing the initiative. He emphasized the importance of capacity-building consulting services and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives for further discussions with the ministry.

The meeting was attended by the team from Jikan Babi Production, officials of the Ministry, and the ICT Directorate.