Sokoto Government to Construct Lugu Dam at N33bn

Sokoto Government to Construct Lugu Dam at N33bn

During the ongoing ministerial briefing for MDAs in Sokoto, Hon. Nura Muhammad Tangaza, Commissioner for the Ministry of Environment, provided updates on the ministry’s achievements during Dr. Ahmad Aliyu Sokoto PhD FCNA’s first year in office. These efforts focus on enhancing environmental sustainability and improving living conditions for the citizens of Sokoto State.

Commissioner Tangaza highlighted the ministry’s dedication to waste management, which includes conducting training programs for youths, men, and women on recycling waste into useful products. This initiative aims to promote environmental awareness and create economic opportunities for residents.

The ministry has also undertaken extensive tree-planting efforts to prevent environmental degradation. Notable projects include tree planting at the Federal College of Education (FCE) Gidan Mandi in Tangaza Local Government Area and the planting of numerous trees in Wurno Local Government Area, alongside the implementation of a 40km shelter-belt project.

Additionally, the state government has concluded modalities for the reconstruction of Lugu Dam, with an allocated budget of N33 billion. This project aims to enhance dry season farming activities, thereby creating job opportunities in Wurno Local Government Area. It is expected to significantly boost agricultural productivity and provide livelihoods for the local population.

Addressing inquiries about the ministry’s efforts to prevent indiscriminate tree cutting, Commissioner Tangaza stated that the ministry has implemented strict measures, including requiring approval for tree cutting to ensure sustainable forestry practices.

Furthermore, in his remarks, Special Adviser Hon. Tukur Toro of the Sokoto Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), an agency under the Ministry of Environment, highlighted the notable achievements of SEPA in maintaining cleanliness across the state. He reiterated SEPA’s commitment to waste management, emphasizing the agency’s proactive measures.

In addition to these initiatives, Commissioner Tangaza announced the construction of 30 solar-powered boreholes for Lugu communities to provide access to water, further improving living conditions and environmental sustainability.

The briefing, jointly organized by the Ministry of Innovation and Digital Economy and the Ministry of Information and Orientation, aimed to assess the performance of MDAs in the state.

Muhammad Abubakar