Sokoto Ruminates More Investment on Innovations and Inventions

Sokoto Ruminates More Investment on Innovations and Inventions

Sokoto State is actively considering investments in innovation and technology as part of its comprehensive strategy to enhance the well-being of its populace through policy reforms and targeted support for local production. In a move to stimulate productivity and generate employment opportunities within the state, Sokoto is exploring potential collaborations with Datesstore Nigeria Limited.

During a recent visit led by the Honorable Commissioner for Innovation and Digital Economy, Hon. Bashar Umar Kwabo, the delegation conducted a thorough inspection of the local company’s factory, which specializes in dates processing, yielding a diverse range of over six products. The Honorable Commissioner commended the founder’s remarkable prowess and commitment in scaling up the company, resulting in the creation of numerous direct and indirect job opportunities in Sokoto and across Nigeria.

Assuring the company of the government’s steadfast support and partnership to enhance its operational efficiency and profitability, the Commissioner reiterated the state’s commitment to fostering economic growth and prosperity.

In his earlier speech at the company’s headquarters, the CEO and Founder Olatunji Mustapha expressed his satisfaction and optimism regarding the visit and emphasized the immense potential of the Sokoto market. With a burgeoning demand for dates products across West African states and beyond, expanding productivity presents a crucial opportunity to establish a robust value chain, curbing unemployment and bolstering Sokoto’s and Nigeria’s overall revenue generation.

The Sokoto State Government under the leadership of Governor Dr Ahmad Aliyu Sokoto has been persistently committed to supporting innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs across the 23 Local Governments in the State.