Sokoto’s Ministry of Innovation Consults Former Minister Pantami

Sokoto’s Ministry of Innovation Consults Former Minister Pantami

The Ministry of Innovation and Digital Economy in Sokoto recently advanced its Digital Economy Structure through strategic consultations. Led by Hon. Bashar Umar Kwabo, the Honorable Commissioner, and Dr. Nasir Daniya, the Permanent Secretary, the team engaged Prof. Isah Ali Pantami, former Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, during an official visit to Abuja.

The primary objective of this visit was to harness the expertise of the former Minister, seeking guidance as the ministry implements pivotal initiatives in Sokoto. These consultations underscore a strong commitment to fostering innovation and driving technological advancements in Sokoto, thereby contributing significantly to the overall progress of the state and the nation.

Throughout the discussions, Prof. Pantami shared insightful information and provided valuable suggestions on laying the groundwork for a sustainable future in Sokoto’s Digital Economy. This exchange of ideas is considered a substantial gain for the Sokoto team, capitalizing on the knowledge of one of the pioneering key players in advancing technology in Nigeria. The visit highlights a dedicated effort towards innovation and technological progress in Sokoto, reinforcing its role in contributing to the broader advancements within the state and the nation.