Governor Aliyu New Education Strategy Saves Sokoto 0.2bn on NECO in 2024.

Governor Aliyu New Education Strategy Saves Sokoto 0.2bn on NECO in 2024.

The recent ministerial briefing for MDAs in Sokoto spotlighted the Ministry of Basic and Secondary School Education, led by Hon. Commissioner Tukur Alkali. He outlined both the substantial challenges and significant achievements in the education sector under Governor Ahmad Aliyu’s administration.

Commissioner Alkali emphasized the considerable resource allocation necessary to tackle the sector’s issues. He praised the state government’s progress in its first year, highlighting several key initiatives. These include the renovation of one block of three classrooms in 22 selected primary schools in Sokoto North and South LGEAs, the re-introduction and enhancement of quality examinations, the re-introduction and payment of WAEC SSCE Examinations, and the formation of a committee to review both the quality and quantity of food served to students.

A notable achievement mentioned was the successful implementation of mock exams, which serve as qualifiers for the upcoming NECO exams. This first-stage initiative saves the state approximately N214,212,000 naira, considering the 9,632 students who failed the mock exams from the registered 39,210, each costing N22,250.00 naira for registration.

Governor Aliyu is a strong advocate of transparency and accountability in the public service. Hence the need to introduce vigorous innovations in the state’s public administration.

The ongoing Ministerial briefing is jointly coordinated by the Ministry of Innovation and Digital Economy and that of Information and Orientation. It is aimed at assessing each agency of government in the state to ensure improved service delivery.

Muhammad Abubakar